While the company name Atelier Gothique is new, but by no means is the company. Atelier Gothique has been custom designing and manufacturing very cutting edge, unique, high end jewelry pieces for over a quarter of a century for various jewelry businesses in the United States.

The Avant-Garde styles and designs have been the personal pet project of our lead designer for over 25 years and were being produced for very select clients out of the mainstream general public’s eye one custom piece at a time.

Our lead designer has been doing fine skull, gothic and fetish jewelry long before it became trendy and popular. He has been making this genre of jewelry for years before vampires became “Cute & Covered In Glitter”, long before “Wearing All Black” became popular, and definitely long before every clothing designer out there started placing skulls on every garment and accessory they made. He “Grew Up” in and has been a part of the Goth community, underground alternative club, music, art and fetish scene in Detroit since the days of his youth. All that being said, we ARE the real deal.

A few years back, to our dismay, we started seeing mainstream jewelry designers trying to make a buck off the backs of our culture without knowing the first thing about who we are and what we are about all because now “Skulls” are trendy. Their lack of understanding of us and our culture shows in their designs. It was this aggravation that motivated us to “come out from the shadows” and make publically available our dark line and to start producing our pieces in greater numbers rather than just for ourselves and our select clientele.

The other end of the spectrum and the only other option was the inferior mass produced, poorly manufactured, low end jewelry. In our opinion it is as if to say “here are some low end pieces, because dark jewelry along with those who would wear it do not warrant high end quality, design or manufacturing”. It is our opinion that our communities deserve more than the silver and base metal jewelry that is mass produced in inferior quality.

For those looking for an amazing alternative to our gold, platinum and palladium we strongly suggest our “Tough As Nails” custom alloy of surgical implant grade 316L stainless steel. Additionally, we will manufacture in our premium alloy 92.5% sterling silver by special request only.